Every year, nations take turns to host the COP and world leaders. It represents, in a way, the annual Climate Change Combat Olympiads. Every nation must do its best to contribute to the fight against climate change. The event is collective and the only reward, which is the preservation of the environment and peace for a sustainable world, can only be universal. Through Light US, a photovoltaic, intelligent and connected torch, MIPAI aspires to provide more visibility to the governmental actions.





Light Us, Symbol Of COP

In the context of COP22, the MIPAI Institute launched «Light Us», a concrete initiative to help fight global warming. In fact, the MIPAI Institute members designed and manufactured a universal symbol, a Photovoltaic and Intelligent Torch that will be transmitted from one COP organizing nation to the other, similarly to the Olympic Flame. The Torch will travel from COP to COP on a sustainable means of transportation.
MIPAI provided the first relay by bringing Light Us from Paris (COP21) to Marrakech (COP22), on a series of seven TESLA electric cars, and presented the Light US concept during the COP22. Through this report, we offer to illustrate the first stage of this formidable adventure through photos taken during the event.
MIPAI would like to particularly thank the team of “On the Green Road” that accompanied us throughout this beautiful journey.