From COP21 to COP22...

The MIPAI team and their friends took the first relay by bringing Light Us from Paris (COP21) to Marrakech (COP22), on a fleet of seven TESLA electric vehicles. A journey of 3 days allowed them to reach Marrakech, and to live an unforgettable experience...

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The municipality of Bezons, represented by its Mayor, Dominique Lesparre, allowed us to organize our departure from the new town hall. Following the official departure ceremony that was attended by nearly 200 people including the Mayor of Bezons, the deputy of Val d’Oise Philippe Doucet and the Consul General of Morocco Zoubir Frej, we took the road to Marrakech. We left Bezons around 1pm, crossed France, and stopped to fuel our electric cars in Orléans, Bourges, Clermont Ferrand then Narbonne. Our European team was almost all equipped in «Superchargers» Tesla cars, so we drove through France without any problems. However, we stopped at Clermont Ferrand because of an electrical problem in the refill terminals, and the snow. We crossed the French-Spanish border in the middle of the night, and arrived to Girona early in the morning, where we stopped for a few hours to rest. We took the road early afternoon. Our objective was to travel the thousand kilometers Spanish coast during the day, and reach the south of Spain the following night, in order not to miss the ferry that was scheduled Wednesday morning. We were able to refuel our cars in Tarragona, Valencia and Murcia, and arrived in Malaga on Wednesday morning at dawn, where we stopped to rest for a few hours. We finally arrived at the port of Tarifa at noon. Welcomed by our partner FRS, we took the ferry at 1pm for Tangier.


Arrival To Morocco, The Host Of COP22

We arrived at 2pm (local time) in Tangier. A great committee welcoming that was organized by the Tangier port authorities was waiting for us at when we disembarked the ferry. We were able to rest at the harbor and fuel the vehicles while we presented the project to the officials and the press. We continued our journey around 7pm to Kenitra, escorted on the way by the Royal Police. We finally arrived to the Hassan 2 Foundation offices in Kenitra at 9pm, where we waited for the Foundation team. A rudimentary installation had been planned to recharge the vehicles. We put the car to charge, and went to dinner. After the dinner, as we were preparing to enjoy our first night of sleep since we left, a power failure occurred, which interrupted the recharging of the vehicles. In the middle of the night, we had to find solutions, in order not to compromise the rest of the journey: four vehicles then left Kenitra, in the direction of Rabat and Casablanca where solutions were awaiting us. In Kenitra, the Foundation teams sent technicians to repair the electrical failure and resume the last three vehicles recharge, enabling us to continue our trip in the early morning. The caravan arrived to Casablanca on Wednesday, November 9 th , 2016 at 12am. Welcomed by our partner Ynna Holding at the Palace Grand Mogador, we handed the cars to the Elektra group team to handle the batteries recharging, while a lunch and a press conference took place in the Agora Hotel. Recharging the car batteries took longer than expected, so we could not leave Casablanca until later in the afternoon, around 6pm, during the rush hour, to complete the last portion of the journey and arrive to Marrakech. After three days of a historical journey, we arrived to Marrakech on Wednesday November 9 th at 9pm! We were again welcomed by our partner Ynna Holding at the Palace Mogador in Ocre. For the first time in history, a caravan of electric vehicles traveled more than 2500km, crossed Europe and reached north Africa. During the beautiful ceremony organized by our partner, we introduced Light Us and the electric cars to the present audience, with whom we were able to exchange a lot.


First week : The Kennedy Place

During the first week of the trip, we settled in «Place Kennedy» in Marrakech. We thank the Wilaya of Marrakech and our partner Didier Salettes who allowed us to promote Light Us and electric mobility in the heart of the Ocher City. On Friday November 11 th, we participated in an operation to promote the new solar shadows at the Marrakech airport, in the presence of Khalid Ziani, President of the Moroccan Electric Vehicle Consortium and Zouhair Mohammed El Aoufir, Director of National Airports of Morocco (ONDA) and Youssef Ahizoune, CEO of Derichebourg Morocco.
On Saturday November 12 th we were invited to be part of the main event of the week; the Grand Prix de Formule Electrique held on the Moulay Hassan circuit in Marrakech. Light Us was exhibited in the booth area, while our Tesla participated in the parade of electric cars on the circuit. During this event, we had the honor to receive the visit of Salaheddine Mezouar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Morocco and President of COP22. The minister stayed with us for a long time. For the record, it was the Swiss driver Sébastien Buemi who won the Grand Prix. On Sunday November 13 th thanks to Aziz Cherkaoui, ex deputy mayor of Marrakech, we were invited to present Light Us and the caravan of electric cars to the people of Marrakech. After a brief appearance on Jemaa El Fna Square, we installed the cars and the Torch on «Freedom Square». In front of a large assembly, we then presented our project to a delegation of French and Moroccan officials, composed of the Minister of the Interior of Morocco, the Mayor and the Prefect of Marrakech, parliamentarians and local elected representatives. On Monday November 14 th, MIPAI cars caravan, driven by our partner Drivelectric team, returned to Paris. Their mission in Marrakech was over, and the Torch Light Us could begin to illuminate the Green Zone of the COP22!


Second week : In green zone

We spent the second week of the COP in the Green Zone, where our partner, CCME (Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad) reserved us a space on its stand.
While part of our team welcomed people on the stand, the others presented Light Us to the many actors present in the different pavilions of the Green Zone.
We would like to thank all the organizations that welcomed us on their booth, as well as all the personalities who, during the COP, agreed to become Ambassadors of Light Us, the new symbol of the fight against global warming.
Operation "Light Us" was a tremendous success:
On the occasion of the COP22, for the first time in history, an electric caravan covered 2,500 km. Through the Light Us caravan and its Sustainable Relay, the MIPAI association wanted to demonstrate that we can now travel long distances in an electric vehicle, thus enticing the Mediterranean people to change their way of traveling to preserve the environment.
The Torch Light Us, the new Symbol of the fight against the global warming was a great success in Marrakech. It caught the interest of many COP22 actors, and the support of prominent personalities, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of COP22, Salaheddine Mezouar and the President of the French Republic François Hollande.
This is reflected in the significant media coverage of Light Us, which we hope has contributed to raising awareness of the fight against global warming in many countries.