From COP22 to COP23...

Through the Light Us caravan and its Sustainable Relay, the MIPAI association wanted to demonstrate that we can now travel long distances in an electric vehicle, thus enticing the Mediterranean people to change their way of traveling to preserve the environment. For this year of 2017, 20 TESLA cars will migrate from Morocco to Germany, the host country of the COP23 that is under the chairmanship of Fiji with Light Us on board.

  • Crossed Countries
  • Kilometers to be covered
  • Participants
  • Electric Cars Tesla

2nd EDITION Light Us Sustainable Relay

The "Light Us Sustanaible Relay" is a green tourist rally to promote sustainable mobility and to bring the Light Us Torch from Marrakech (COP22) to Bonn (COP23). .
You will participate in a historic Rally with landscapes and unforgettable events !
The challenge is to make 3500 kms during 8 days by minimizing their consumption in an eco-driving logic.
There is no notion of speed or regularity. Participants drive at their own pace in accordance with the traffic rules and safety requirements.
This historic rally will cross 6 countries - Morocco / Spain / France / Switzerland / Belgium / Germany -


From 30 October 2017 To 06 November 2017

It is possible to travel green !

This rally does not challenge speed !
100% electric TESLA vehicles are eligible to the Light Us Sustanaible Relay. Enrollments are open to individuals, companies, associations and communities.

You are not the owner of TESLA? NO PROBLEM!
MIPAI enables you to rent a short term TESLA to make the Road Trip Light Us Sustainable Relay !


Events and services

Events :
° Marrakech Event (Official presentation of Light Us symbol);
° Regions Events (8 Events);
° Geneva Event (Canton de Genève + ONU);
° Bonn Event - COP23.

Services during the Road trip :
° Road Book / Charges / Toll Road / Boat Ticket;
° Transport of cars from Paris to Marrakech (a Carrier);
° Hotel Nights (8 nights);
° Meals (Breakfast / lunch / dinner).


Objective: to show the world that today it is possible to travel green !

Participate in a Light Us Sustainable Relay

Engager votre TESLA:
° Driver : 2500€
° Driver + copilot : 2950€
° Driver + copilot + passenger : 3400€

Engager un véhicule en louant une TESLA:
° Tesla + driver : 8500€
° Tesla + driver + copilot : 8950€
° Tesla + driver + copilot + passenger : 9400€