Symbol For Change

MIPAI and its partners are currently developing a photovoltaic torch named “Light Us” to propose to the United Nations as the symbol of MIPAI's engagement to promote sustainable development and preservation of our planet.
Inspired by references from the mythological History of civilizations that preceded us, the torch’s design is modern and designed like the world that it promotes. It will integrate the photovoltaic technology that uses solar energy to power. It will also include different types of equipment to enable the torch to change colors and interact with the public.






Every year, nations take turns to host the COP and world leaders. It represents, in a way, the annual Climate Change Combat Olympiads. Every nation must do its best to contribute to the fight against climate change. The event is collective and the only reward, which is the preservation of the environment and peace for a sustainable world, can only be universal. Through Light US, a photovoltaic, intelligent and connected torch, MIPAI aspires to provide more visibility to the governmental actions.



° Increase the visibility of SDGs and COPs through the steps shown in "Agenda 2030" for sustainable development.
° Promote initiatives to combat climate change and, in a broader sense, the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives.
° Propose tools for the integration of SDGs into national strategies
° Propose an innovative funding channel dedicated to sustainable development projects throughout the world. This tool would act as a privileged intermediary between the project promoters, the patrons and all organizations who would like to contribute to these initiatives.
° Set up an original communication channel and a press team dedicated to sustainable development.
° Promote the cultural dimension of sustainable development, so that every human being seizes it and makes it a personal matter.
° Promote eco-gestures and best practices so that everyone can participate in preserving our environment.